The continuos history of Rolex successes begins in 1908, when the brilliant german entrepreneur Hans Wilsdorf founded it in London.

Rolex is one of the few watch brands in which the company name doesn't correspond to the founder's name, because Wilsdorf obtained from the contraction of the expression "horlogerie exquise" (prestigious watches) the legendary Rolex name, that nowadays is synonym of high quality watches all over the world. It was also a simple name, easy to pronunciate wherever by anyone.

In 1931 Wilsdorf started to produce the first automatic movement on the watchmaking market.

With its metal case freely rotating around a hinge, the "Rolex Perpetual" movement was anticipating times.

Wilsdorf cleverly perfected and registered it for 15 years, allowing his company to defeat its competitors for a long time.

But technical innovations of the crowned house have been continuously succeeding for its 105 years of history.

In 1910, a Rolex became the first wrist watch to receive the Swiss certificate of chronometric precision. And still today, Rolex holds the absolute record of produced chronographs in a year in all Switzerland.

Its superior ability to hold sports performances has been demonstrated by supplying men and women about to accomplish extreme deeds: from the historical crossing of the English Channel made by the swimmer Mercedes Gleitz, to the overtaking of the most daring speed records at the wrist of the racing motorist Malcolm Campbell, not to talk about the many Alpine accomplishments witnessed by Rolex as extremely reliable timepiece, and the oceanic abysses in which it has been dived without losing its proverbial precision.

Rolex has always committed to its technological research center the assignment of being at the state of the art both for materials and technologies: it's no coincidence that in 1985 it was the first watchmaking house to choose to build its own timepieces with steel 914L, an exceptional alloy coming from aeronautical and chemical industry, with superior resistance and sheen qualities: and even recently, after five years of research, in 2005 Rolex decided to introduce on many calibres the blue Parachrome spiral, realized in an alloy that is not influenced by magnetic fields and resists to collisions ten times more than a common spiral.

At the wrist of famous testimonials and millions of people that love the comfort of a daily luxury, reliable and precise, Rolex has a place of its own in the history of watchmaking.



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