Power, innovation, mechanics, grit, performance: in a word, Jaeger Le Coultre.

The roots of the Grand Maison, as it's known among the enthusiasts, sink in 1833, when Antoine Le Coultre (who signed in 1903 the partnership with Edmond Jaeger) opened his Atelier in Le Sentier.

Since that date, JLC innovations and inventions have been countless. JLC has always tried, (and succeeded) to realize both state of the art movements (for example, creating in 1903 and in 1929 the smallest and the thinnest existing calibre, beyond the great classical complications) and cases: the legendary turn over of the Reverso, still today copied but never matched, dates back to 1931, when the Officials of Her Majesty the Queen of England, demanded for a watch that could repair the glass from eventual fortuitous shots during their polo matches.

All along manufacturer, JLC supplied calibres to many historical and prestigious maisons: Patek, Vacheron, Audemars, Cartier.

Everyone is proud to supply a movement by the Maison of Le Sentier.

At Le Coultre the "One movement fits all" motto surely doesn't work: in fact, Jaeger is the only maison in which the line of movements is able to compete to a reference production really diversified and plentiful in dimensions, materials and shapes.

The Reverso line alone enumerates more then ten possible dimensions, among man and woman models.

Let alone round and classic watches, simple or complicated, up to the ultra-thin Master line with manual or automatic recharge, the solid and gritty Compressor, the Amvox series, the great and ultra great complications.

And without forgetting the Atmos, a table watch of absolute prestige, for which has been patented a mechanical movement that doesn't need any recharge, because the watch spring is held into function, thanks to a really sophisticated mechanism, from the smallest temperature leap.

In other words Jaeger Le Coultre is a real watchmaking galaxy that revolves around a unique great star, the one of excellence.




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