The IWC, which is the International Watch Company, was born in 1868 created by an American watchmaking entrepreneur, Florentine Ariosto Jones, who went to Switzerland to commit his watches to an historically qualified manpower.

The Schaffhausen maison (the only one among great names to be located in the German part of Switzerland) immediately distinguished itself for the production of excellent pocket watches with quality movements (the famous Jones calibre, recently reproduced for a commemorative Portuguese series) and in the 80's of the 20th Century started the series production of great complications for wrist watches.

Historical house with a strongly manly identity, which has been able to create a concrete family feeling with its devoted customers, IWC has different lines of great success.

Aviator and Aquatimer represent the most sporty production and with an excellent price/quality ratio, fierce lines with strong personality.


The Portuguese, the real IWC thoroughbred, distinguishes itself with a more elegant line, even with considerable dimensions, but in this field IWC has been a predecessor and didn't follow any fashion: the first Portuguese watches - with a generous diameter - were born in the 40's of the 20th Century and were equipped with pocket watch movements.

Refined and with a dandy's flair, the new Portofino (especially in the version equipped with the "milano" mail bracelet, that looks really vintage) greets those who want a timeless classic without spending a fortune.

The Ingeniuer line, with a performance vocation marked by resistance, has been able to dig a market niche which is not scared by its generous dimensions.

IWC alternates inside its beautiful watches movements derived by the impeccable rearrangement of Eta calibres with manufactured movements, like the well known 5001, with a bidirectional recharge system with two ratchets, commonly known as Pellaton, the name of its inventor, a sensational automatic movement (the biggest on the market) which, after a short time of utilization is able to accumulate a 7 day power reserve (actually 8, but IWC prefers to stop it at 7 because in the terminal part off the charge each spring might not be able to ensure an impulse able to obtain a sufficient precision: it is a principle valid for every watch). On this noble base rotates the marvelous Portuguese perpetual calendar that you can see alongside.

Excluding the scubas, the Schaffhausen Maison tests all his watches to the double of the declared atmospheres, because reliability is a real mission for IWC.


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