Today it seems normal that the materials and more noble metals can be conjugated to the rubber, creating sports watches of the highest level. But until two decades ago it was not so. Hublot was the first to break the rigid conceptual schemes and productive Swiss watchmaking, launching his watch-porthole gold with rubber strap, which at the time made a stir so that it is immediately noticed the wrists of some of the most renowned personalities famous and the international jet set.

And the challenge to the conventions of the Hublot Maison has not certainly stopped in recent years, and is indeed revived by combining the classical model of a new concept that obviously took it to heart: the Big Bang is in fact one of the most sought after watches perhaps in 'Haute Horlogerie. Rubber strap mainly (but not only, over the skin models provide even denim), its brilliant case is the successful mixture between layers of different materials: gold and steel, titanium, carbon, hi-tech ceramics, kevlar, harmonized by a bezel important ceramic closed by the unmistakable six screws to "H".


Astrua, Hublot authorized official dealer


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