A well known advertising claimed that "A diamond is forever".

Maybe it won't be so eternal, but it is very difficult to think that time might alter in some way a J12 by CHANEL.

When this watches collection made completely in ceramic (case and bracelet) was introduced a few years ago, many enthusiast expressed their uncertainty. Surely this material had been used in the watchmaking industry in the past, but never to realize an entire line of watches.

Today, that the "ceramic-mania" is becoming established, those critics make us smile. And the J12 has effectively become a refined, sporty, watchmaking classic.

CHANEL's charme is always the same, but visual and tactile sensations with the J12 are completely new. The high tech ceramic in which are made makes them unique objects in aesthetics and unmatched in strength. In these years, we still haven't been able to find a J12 that had on its dial or bracelet the typical signs of time: scratches, signs, lines. Nothing has scratched them.

If you add to this a 20 atmospheres waterproof (that tops 30 on marine versions), you will understand why watchmaking enthusiasts love it so much. In three color versions - white, black and chromatic gray (the new CHANEL's titanium ceramic league) - and with a rich series of stones to adorn both the case and the dial, the J12 really represents the exclusivity of Contemporary Luxury.

It's hard not to think to the shiny beauty of the reference H2010, a model with a 33 mm diameter in white ceramic, with brilliant indexes on the dial and an amazing bezel made of pink sapphires.

Beauty has never been so unscratchable.




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