First among great jewellers to understand the great "social" relevance of the watch phenomenon, in the second half of 1847 Luis Cartier creates and gives the name to one of the most successful Maisons even nowadays.

The Cartier's name, since the beginning synonym of jewels and luxury goods ("Kings' jeweller, King of jewellers", defined by King Edward VII of Wales), begins very soon to deeply connect to the watchmaking world since the first years of the 20th Century.
Louis Cartier, forward - looking, believes that the future of watchmaking won't be in the waistcoats in which gentlemen put their huge pocket watches, but on the wrists of enthusiasts.

In fact, in 1904 - when watches were still identified almost exclusively with pocket watches - Cartier creates a wrist watch for the legendary Brazilian aviator Santos Dumont.

In 1905 Louis Cartier signs with Edmond Jaeger a contract to obtain the exclusive right to produce the watches of the latter.

In the first decades of the Century, Cartier starts a production that will leave a mark.

In 1906 he gives birth to the Tonneau, with its sinuous line and still actual - reprised in fact by many masons in recent times.

In 1917 appears the the revolutionary Tank, with its handles that lengthen the carrure profile, until resemble to a tank, and then in 1928 the Tortue, following the Pasha line (1984) the Santos (homage to the legendary 1904 watch), and so forth till our days, with the latest born Ballon Bleu and Tank Anglaise, which represent the latest shapes of a never ending story of watchmaking seductions.




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